Impact Mentors

ImpactMentors is a social enterprise that accelerates the entrepreneurial experience for minority owned businesses, by providing access to some of the world's most successful mentors.

Aimed at engaging, assisting and most of all grooming the community of talented minority businesses owners to help solve complex problems enabling them to continue building successful businesses together.

Our focus is to tackle the limitations that plague the underrepresented ecosystem - People of Color, Women, Immigrants, LGBTQ and other minorities, offering access to a network of experienced business professionals at scale to foster underserved communities through mentoring.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.



Impact Mentors mission is to unlock the barriers that have systematically been enforced to withhold equal access to opportunities within the traditional entrepreneurial journey so economic growth and stability is a true shared value that strengthens the minority owned business ecosystem.
We believe that through the power of relationships and mutual exchange will lead to equalizing the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem that have been disproportionately beneficial to white males.


We want to advance the mentor-founder relationship to create a two way dialogue that can reshape the civil discourse about cultural differences and equality.
Impact Mentors vision is to increase the economic vitality in minority lead communities and neighborhoods driven by our core values of fostering entrepreneurship. With the help of our program, we hope to encourage and expand the network of minority owned businesses through a sense of community by promoting why diversity matters in business.

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